The Daily Orange endorses Obama in presidential race

Focusing on health care, social issues and foreign policy plans, The Daily Orange Editorial Board endorses President Barack Obama in the upcoming election.

One tenet of Obama’s Affordable Care Act — nicknamed Obamacare — includes coverage for young adults. Young adults can stay on their parents’ health care up until age 26. This directly affects and benefits college students. Having universal health care will also increase the quality of life and well-being for Americans across the country.

After graduation, students may not be employed immediately. Students may choose to continue their education further instead of seeking full-time employment until later. During these time periods, students still need health care, and the Affordable Care Act makes this more feasible.

Obama is more progressive with his views on social issues. Generally, college students are in line with these ideas as well. Obama is the first president to openly support gay marriage. His views on abortion, women’s rights and contraceptives also make him an appealing president to the typical college demographic and The Daily Orange Editorial Board.

In the realm of foreign policy, which was hotly contested in the third and final presidential debate, the editorial board again sides with Obama. Generally, Obama is a well-respected figure abroad, whereas Republican candidate Mitt Romney has made a handful of political gaffes during his campaign. If Romney is elected, any progress made in the past four years will be erased.

Obama has faced criticism and challenges in his first four years in office.  He will continue to face them — maybe even more so — if he wins the election. But for the progress he has made and the stands he has taken on issues, The Daily Orange Editorial Board thinks a second term of Obama in office is the best choice.

  • Cuse


  • Max1128

    First off, happy to see Disqus on the DO site.

    Second, while I personally agree with this endorsement, I’m still not sure how I feel about the DO paper endorsing an official candidate. But if they keep it to opinion and show the people on their paper who favor Romney (which they did right below it in today’s paper), then I guess it’s allowable. But it still feels…strange.

  • Bostonway

    Gee, what a surprise! Obama has not done what he said he would do in his first-term AND in some areas made the situation worse (e.g., our huge debt problem, Medicare more in the hole). And don’t say ‘he inherited a bad situation!’ as an excuse. He was elected and paid as President to make major improvements. He has not done so. No 2nd chance. By the way, it’s easy to be a Dem / liberal: You simply promise free-stuff and get votes…who cares how it’s paid for or what dependency you cause. Time for the grown-ups to step in.

  • “Having universal health care will also increase the quality of life and well-being for Americans across the country.”

    So, you don’t know what Obamacare actually is, yet you’re supporting it. Typical.

  • EnmaAii

    Other newspapers write a public endorsement of presidential candidates. For your reference: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/10/28/opinion/presidential-endorsement-timeline.html

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