Flash mob to bring viral sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ to Quad

Syracuse University is finally getting some “Gangnam Style” of its own.

On an otherwise quiet October afternoon, portable speakers blasted South Korean entertainer Psy’s viral single, “Gangnam Style,” on the Quad for nearly a full hour on Saturday at 2 p.m. A group, headed by junior film major Michael Choi, is planning to hold a “Gangnam Style” flash mob on campus this week, and members of Danceworks volunteered to teach students the routine in preparation.

The song has become a hit pop-culture phenomenon and echoed repeatedly around the buildings aligning the Quad. The music video, with dancing that simulates riding a horse, among other moves, has been mimicked by everyone from college students to international diplomats.

About 25 students showed up to learn the dance Saturday. Choi said they were eager to recruit everyone they know for the event.

Choi, who said he first watched the now world-famous music video over this past summer, said he wanted to organize the flash mob in order to “bring a little bit of happiness to the school.”

To try to raise money for the event, he reached out to organizations such as Sony and Red Bull for sponsorship. His efforts worked.

Choi and his cohorts tossed around toy footballs that had the Sony logo printed on them, and blasted tunes from speakers boasting the Red Bull insignia.

After the popular dance craze was taught to the students who came out to join in on the fun Saturday, there was much discussion about the time and place students will break into the hit song and dance for the actual flash mob. Organizers deliberated about the time that can reach the largest group of SU community members.

Choi didn’t give away the time for when the flash mob will break out on campus, though.

He hopes that through word of mouth and press releases, students will be ready to jump in on the action when it commences. The event page on Facebook devoted to the celebration, which has more than 350 people listed as attendees, encourages its members to get as many friends and classmates to show up and dance.


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