ESF students react to low Playboy Magazine party rating


Playboy Magazine’s announcement of SUNY-ESF as the “worst overall party school” in its annual rankings didn’t surprise Emily Artruc.

“I think it’s funny but accurate. I can’t really see ESF as a party school,” said Artruc, a freshman aquatics and fisheries science major. “We don’t party at all.”

Monday’s rankings, which will appear in Playboy Magazine’s next edition, based the list off three criteria: sex, sports and nightlife.

Along with the ranking was a box crediting the school for its standout scholarship and poking fun at its poor party scene. The box read, “Excellent science program? Of course. Anything else? Not really.”

For Artruc, the social life at State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry did not factor into the college decision process at all. The students are much less inclined to party, but if they feel like going out they are going to “mooch” off of Syracuse University.

But, that “mooching” is necessary since there are no fraternities or good places to party on ESF’s campus, Artruc said.

Emily Baum, a senior conservation biology major, transferred from Morrisville State College to ESF.

“I don’t factor social things into changing schools,” she said. “But I don’t really party anyway.”

Baum has seen very little partying from any ESF students, despite the fact that most upperclassmen live off campus. Like Artruc, she noted that if students want to party, they will go to house parties thrown by SU students.

“I don’t think you’d find a party that was just ESF students,” Baum said.

SU did not crack the top tier in Playboy’s overall party schools, despite the Princeton Review ranking it at No. 10 for the 2012-13 academic year.

The University of Virginia took the title as No. 1 party school, replacing last year’s winner, University of Colorado Boulder. According to the post, SU ranks at No. 6 in “Sex Life.”

Freshman environmental biology major Cody Langer, who said he does not party, said the opposing party lives at both schools had no influence on his decision to enroll at ESF.

He, too, has seen very little nightlife on ESF’s campus, and if he knows about people going out, it’s usually very relaxed and not with partying in mind. He noted that students would rather just relax than go to a big house or fraternity party.

Artruc agrees with sophomore biotechnology major Ian Macks’ description on Playboy.com that said, “ESF is perfect if you want to be around people who have the same type of focus.”

She is happy with her decision to attend ESF and said the focused mindset of the campus is one of her favorite aspects of the school.

Said Artruc: “I’m pretty sure the graveyard has a higher party rating than ESF.”


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